Five to Inspire

10th November 2020
Looking for some creative inspo to keep you motivated during this month? This week’s #FiveToInspire offers ambient sounds to aid creativity, good reads to upgrade your reading list and virtual tours to bring the outside in. Check it out here.


WATCH: Luke Jillings aka Original Human

 Luke Jillings aka OriginalHuman has spent the last year creating tonnes of game playthroughs and reactions to military content. Luke is a British Royal Marines Commando, now living in the US. His breakdowns of military content might not initially seem like your cup of tea, but it’s really interesting to hear. For tech fans, checkout Marques Brownlee. His YouTube channel has been delving into the best tech, phones and laptops that dropped in October. Yes, a million other people are also doing that. But the quality of Marques’ content is outstanding for a Youtuber, proving video after video that the line between YouTube and traditional media is falling away. Finally, for those with a Netflix account, watch The Queen’s Gambit. It’s a Cold War drama about an orphaned chess prodigy struggling with addiction, and it turns out to be pretty entraining. Which is nice, after Bly Manor dampened people’s excitement for Netflix originals.

FOLLOW: ui.markin

The ui.markin Instagram account is a collection of some of the most forward thinking and talented UI design. The design choices here will be cherrypicked and used across AAA applications and websites over the next five years. This channel because it’s a reminder that you need to make things for a purpose, not for fashion, no matter what the design requires. Also, check out Bark&Bite, a multinational motion design studio with the sort of work that makes you say, “Damn. I wish my clients would give me a the space to make something like this.” Lee has referenced them many times throughout early brainstorms for projects.

LISTEN: Brian Eno, Busta Rhymes, Adrianne Lenker

If you want music that gets the creative juices flowing, there’s no better place to go than Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Looped piano and voices intertwine with synths that build slowly, almost imperceptibly. It’s music to let your thoughts float, merge and give birth to ideas. If you’re looking for new music, then Adrianne Lenker has just released a lush folk album, Songs, that confirms that she might just be the best songwriter working today (her band, Big Thief, is brilliant). And then for a joyous throwback to the glory days of mid-90s hip hop, stick on Busta Rhyme’s new tune with Kendrick Lamar. Neck breaking stuff.

READ: The Thursday Murder Club

Refresh your lockdown reading list with these three selections. For escapism, Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club is a joyful story about four octogenarian mystery solvers. If you’ve been bitten by the US politics bug following the election, no one quite sums up the Trump presidency like legendary journalist Bob Woodward in Rage. And one for anyone who has ever watched a great TV show and thought: “how on earth do they write this?” The scripts for the first three seasons of the genius anthology series, Inside No. 9, are released in a tidy compilation next week.


VISIT: Lockdown virtual worlds

Well, nowhere. Lockdown 2 has begun and we’re marooned in our living rooms (if you’re lucky enough to have one). However for those of us with wanderlust, there are plenty of virtual alternatives. Take the Virtual Yosemite Tour to experience El Capitan and Half Dome, complete with immersive sound effects. Or, walk the trails of Australia’s Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, while hearing the perspectives of the Anangu people for whom the park is a sacred place. It’s important that we all stay at home to do our bit. But we can still experience new things while doing that.