5 to Inspire

27th February 2021
Every month we at Eulogy round up some of the best art, media, or feel-good stories to help spark some creativity. Check it out here.

Five to Inspire

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Skillshare went big in 2020 during the original lockdown, so this is a platform we’ve likely all heard of, but there’s the chance to get a month’s free use of it. Seemingly only the case if you sign up via the app, rather than on the website, the free trial gives you a month of access to its thousands of courses covering drawing to photography to crochet and plenty in between. They’re mostly bite sized and run by interesting people within areas of creativity. There are also a series of Skillshare Originals including classes from the likes of Emma Gannon on unlocking creative potential.


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You might open this up and think, how’s that inspiring creative work? Other than this being highly entertaining and some of the most relatable content about, Laura’s videos provide plenty of real-life moments that can inspire creative campaign thinking. Case and point is the recent KitKat concept that’s been doing the rounds on LinkedIn – WFH is a cultural reference point we can harness. Here’s an added bonus read on the behind-the-scenes making of that particular ad concept.


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Research from Women in Journalism has found that Black voices and stories are still not seen as important by the mainstream media. An article in Gal-dem magazine explores the research in more detail and into reasons why newsrooms are still struggling with diversity. The article also touches on the impact of recent social movements such as Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd on the wider industry.


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Dazed – Hollywood’s exclusive union SAG-AFTRA has launched a new ‘Influencer Agreement’ that offers representation to influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and more. This gives online content creators a new way to unionise and earn money through advertising on social media to reap the same benefits as A-list actors.


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Framing Britney Spears is an investigative documentary from The New York Times looking at the tumultuous life of Britney Spears – from her strenuous relationship with the press to her ongoing conservatorship battle with her father. The documentary offers a candid look at celebrity culture and industry sexism. The documentary will be available to watch in the UK on Sky.