A beautiful brand bubble: Le Crown & Cactus


We decided to set the bar high for our 2017 Chambord summer activation. So high in fact that we decided to create our very own Chambord bar.

A fully branded Chambord bar had to be unique, so unique that within a moment of entering our guests would be transported to the brand’s world where they would want to stay for a while and enjoy delicious cocktails. Le Crown & Cactus, which opened for three days in the heart of Soho, was born from this thought process. We created a Chambord spin on a traditional pub that was a feast for all the senses; we delighted our guests’ taste buds, whilst educating them on how to drink the liquid, gave them a beautiful, Instagram dream world to photograph, an inside-outside cocktail garden, and pub games with a Chambord twist to play.

Le Crown & Cactus served up 1,258 Chambord cocktails to over 500 attendees, delivering a brand activation that 90% of attendees said they would attend again.