The UK’s largest live meditation


Online healthcare company Headspace is a global leader in mindfulness and meditation. Its mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world through guided meditations and mindfulness on everything from stress to sleep.

To coincide with a visit to the UK from the man behind the business; global entrepreneur and mindfulness coach, Andy Puddicombe, and to promote the power of meditation for wellness and wellbeing, Eulogy organised the largest ever national meditation live on TV.

With This Morning’s Phil and Holly keen to kick start the morning in zen fashion, the two-minute guided meditation was broadcast live to an audience of over 1 million. The broadcast delivered a dramatic spike in Headspace downloads, 16,000 YouTube views and a surge in website traffic of 8,541,180 MUU.

We capitalised further on the voice behind the app, by securing interviews with Andy and the Huffington Post, Red and Women’s Health, to discuss themes of wellbeing.