Evolving Kantar’s Brand Footprint

Kantar Worldpanel

The annual Brand Footprint report is a pivotal tool in raising awareness of Kantar Worldpanel’s expertise in delivering strategy to FMCG clients. We were briefed with evolving the 2016 report to reinforce Kantar Worldpanel as the trusted source for FMCG trends.

We took on the planning and structure of the report, researching and creating new feature ideas, and dug out our rolodex to source senior marketer interviews, including Unilever CMO Keith Weed. Using a combination of our editorial and copywriting services, our team enhanced the report through imaginative feature ideas and compelling copy, showing a deep understanding of the audience and the broader context of global grocery retail.

Luis Simoes, global strategy director of Kantar Worldpanel described it as “the gift that keeps on giving”, as the report continues to be used in marketing and client communications across the world.